About InflationCoin

InflationCoin was launched in November 2016. InflationCoin began life using the X11 PoW algorithm and after the initial PoW period (6 months after launch) became pure PoS.

Coin Specification

Algorithm: X11

Coin code: IFLT

PoW/PoS block targets independently

5 transaction confirmations

50 minted bock confirmations

PoS rate: 1st Year: 800%, 2nd Year: 80%, 3rd Year: 8% and Subsequent years: 4%

Live current coin supply:

Ports: Connection: 11370 RPC: 11371

More details on PoW and PoS systems used with InflationCoin

Full PoW Details

Full PoS Details


PoW Details

60 second PoW block target time
Difficulty retarget each block for PoW
Payout: 1,000 coins per block
True randomness, normalized distribution for large hashpower such as multipools
Superblocks: Everyday there will be a super block with 1000x normal payment (1,000,000 coins)
Proof of Work mining period: 6 months (Completed March 2017)

PoS Details

60 sec PoS block time
Difficuty retarget each block for PoS
Minimum hold for PoS: 24 Hours
Maximum hold for PoS (Over which coin-day no longer accumulated): 30 days
Variable PoS annual payout rate:
- 1st Year: 800%
- 2nd Year: 80%
- 3rd Year: 8%
- Subsequent years: 4%


Wallet link URL

InflationCoin-qt SHA-256 hash: d73bd929d917855c18ffb5a2595f3d7cf4939cab8dae67cbfbc9fd393f05a416



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None currently active

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Staking Guide

All you need to have to start staking coins in your wallet is to hold coins in your wallet. Your earnings are based upon the number of coins, or stake you hold in wallet software. The more you hold, the more you are likely to earn.

1st Step: Encrypt your wallet
2nd Step: Unlock your wallet

Encrypt your wallet (Optional but recommended!)

Ensure your wallet is encrypted with a good password. A secure password is needed to ensure your coins are safe. The wallet encryption option can be found under the settings tab in the InflationCoin wallet program. Make sure to use the File then Backup option aswell to ensure you keep a copy of your wallet stored somewhere safe, keeping the note of your password aswell (Just don't store them together)!


Unlock your wallet

With your wallet open, select the settings menu option then the unlock wallet option. Ensure the "For Staking Only" boxed is ticket and enter your passphrase selecting OK when your ready.

Remember: You need to have held your coins for a minimum for 24 hours to start earning Staking interest.

Stake coins via Web Browser (External Website)



YoBit - BTC Market

C-Patex - DOGE Market

Alternate Basemarkets

Purchase IFLT via Visa/Mastercard or Bank Account



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